It's the details in things…

I've always loved the arts…

It was my grandfather Rolly Daly that fittingly named me 'Fingers'. He said it was because I was into the details, the workings. Everything and anything that my little fingers could detail they would...and then they'd systematically pull it apart.

I spend all the time I can immersing myself in the arts....drawing, sculpting, painting.... I can't remember ever not doing it…and I've always had a camera.

As long as I can remember my fingers have led me to find the beauty in things. I've always felt encouraged to hone my eye and to hold the line, to take a scene in and find the meaning...to look.

It is the character of the human form and variations of landscapes that captivate me....oh and the colour, the harmony of colour.

Early on I studied photo imaging. Mainly because commercial cut flowers is the business of my family and the gig was mine to catalogue it and sculpt petals. My study was a mix of editing, business and, of all things, photography. It was my teacher and friend, Mel Neuman, who looked at me one day and said, you know with your eye, your edits, your photos, those stories you tell, that personality that brings those stories out....this ambition to edit for photographers? ...you should just be a photographer.

...so, photography chose me

...and I've always had a camera

If you have a look through the pages making up my website you will find my photos have a painterly look, a feel, an art - it's more than just photography. I spend a lot of time at and after the capture…it goes back to my nickname 'fingers'…I relish the details and I really do work hard for your photos.

I've worked closely with weddings all my life. My parents were cut flower growers and florists supplying flowers for bridal bouquets bouquets. My first real job was in the suit industry, fitting and tailoring suits for wedding parties. I've always been around weddings.

It's simple – I love weddings and love capturing the special moments that each one brings. It's not a nervous day for me, I'm not overwhelmed with the traditions and I can help, I really can help, even outside my photography.

With each wedding I know the story is there, all the beauty and drama, all the characters and the details. I trust the day and the occasion. It will be beautiful, people will be relaxed with me around, I don't have to tell them what to do, where to look. I watch the story unveil and try to capture every bit of it.

I understand how momentous your wedding day is for you and I don't view it as five hours of 'photography time'. I can't remember ever doing a wedding that was less than 12 hours long.... It's a wedding day and I'm there with you for as long as you want me there capturing it for you. And with me you'll never have to repeat a moment or put up with 'mock' shots of cake cutting or putting your make up on. I will be there to capture all of those moments as and when they happen. I want to be there for every point in the day that could possibly mean anything to anyone. It's your day but also your mums, your dads, definitely your grans and even if you hate it, your sisters...I will capture it for everyone

You know your Nan, the one with the spice, that dances? I want that photo. The concentration on your mums face when she's trying put the corsage on the lapel? I want that photo....It is these moments that are essential in telling your whole story... for my love of the single image... for my love of the art.......you know, for you.


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